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With the U.S. market for new homes a silver lining in the recovery from initial COVID-19-related economic downturns, it is incumbent upon builders to understand where home construction stands…and perhaps, more importantly, where it may be going.

With the housing market in a strong position, as evidenced by a surge in new home sales, now is the time to re-engage your brand’s marketing efforts and take market share.

Although public gatherings became a health risk, people still wanted to learn and connect. Recognizing this, event organizers with enough time to spare began to convert in-person events to online events.

In spite of early concerns that swept through the housing market due to COVID-19, demand in the residential real estate sector is actually seeing an increase in many markets.  

In order for content to generate leads and increase revenue, it needs to be visible to the right people. One of the best ways to increase your reach to the right audience is to create content that people want to share with their network.

The content created by your marketing team or agency has the ability to generate leads for your sales team — if you do it right. That means cutting through the noise of the crowded web, reaching prospects and providing them with something of value.

How a changing landscape is influencing the way the construction market is turning to media, and spurring a growth of digital content.

The four areas that home builders need to focus on to own the housing conversation are: sustainability, convenience, healthy living and better values.

In 2020, video will be the highest performing type of digital content.  Having a robust video content strategy is no longer something marketers can afford to ignore.

It’s a simple supply and demand equation—the current pace of building is inadequate to meet the growing residential and multifamily housing demand.