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5 Reasons to Segment Your Brand Message to Trade Pros

5 Reasons Not Everyone is a Consumer


5 Reasons Not Everyone is a Consumer

The residential building product industry is a complicated one. The purchase journey for most products can be long and involve a series of professionals (architects, builders, remodelers, dealers - to name a few). Add the homeowner, and it is essential to message each step of the journey. We're firm believers in building brand awareness with the homeowner, but because most homeowners will only purchase any given building product once in a lifetime, the trade professional becomes the person homeowners rely on for advice and the latest information.

Segmenting your brand's message by type of trade pro and focusing on the crucial product benefits based upon their concerns is essential. Couple that with building broad homeowner awareness, and you've got the winning strategy. Don't fall into the trap of "everyone is a consumer" because ignoring the trade professional ignores 94%* of the market. Read on for our top 5 reasons why.

  1. Do it yourself is a small market. Only 6%** of homes are built each year without the use of a builder. DIY projects account for 31% of all home improvements and have been trending down over the last ten years. *** Percentage of homes built by builders contractors owners
  2. It's a considered purchase. For most consumers buying any building product is something they don't do very often if ever. It is typically a costly product that the homeowner will need to research and get help installing. Even homeowners that are generally aware of brands and product features seek professional advice.
  3. Most of the time the project involves more than one trade professional. It takes an average of 22 different subcontractors working with the builder to construct the average single-family home. ****
Number of subcontractors used to build one home
  1. The professionals have a significant influence over product selection. Because the homeowner seeks the pro's advice, research shows that trade pros can unsell one brand for another very quickly, making it vital to keep your brand in front of both pros and homeowners. If you choose to focus on homeowners only or use all homeowner-oriented messaging, you risk 94% of the market or the homes built by pros.*
  2. The trade professional is your repeat customer. The pro has built a business around building or remodeling. He/she will have numerous projects a year, and they will be seeking products for each project. Homeowners may only buy once in a lifetime.

Tailor messaging by segment and the professional you are targeting. Look for the critical brand or product benefits they care about; reasons your brand or product helps their business and bottom line—service, warranty, no callbacks, easy install, reduced labor, upselling, or style/color choice. Layer consumer messaging with your trade campaign, and you have the purchase journey covered.


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